Kellyn Partnership

Family Tree Karate has partnered with the Kellyn Foundation to help fight the epidemic of child obesity.

The program’s is called “Healthy Families Need Healthy Roots.” They can help answer questions such as “what do you do when you get a BMI report stating that your child may be overweight?”


Did you know:

  • A child that is overweight at 6 years old has a 50% chance of becoming an overweight or obese adult.
  • An overweight adolescent has a 70% chance of becoming an overweight or obese adult.
  • Research from the New England Journal of Medicine predicts that this will be the first generation of children to lead shorter and less healthy lives than their parents.

The Kellyn Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit, provides a solution you can feel good about. We provide a physician-run behavioral modification program that incorporates medical monitoring, nutritional guidance and a structured martial arts program at a reasonable cost.

Interested? Click here to go to the Kellyn Foundation website for more information and how to get started.

Karate boy bowing

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