1. To make available (something needed or desired); furnish

2. To supply something needed or desired to

3. To have as an available or desirable feature

4. To set down as a stipulation or requirement: an agreement that provides deadlines for completion of the work.

5.  To make ready ahead of time


Why the four P’s? Collectively FTK was created over 20 years ago as a Vision from this Shihan. The Sole purpose was to be different than most Martial Art Schools who seem to focus on just the punch and kick and not the journey and the numerous benefits a solid core program can have, on an individuals entire life, regardless of the time spent with us. We strive to be an extension of the values that you have and want for your child. With a changing world, these attributes are timeless and important strengths that are forgotten about, but none less important. We believe the that Planning, Preparing, Providing, and Protecting is the very Nature of our being and fits perfectly in todays declining World.


Intermediate Levels (Green – Red)

Learn more about our Intermediate Level Programs here

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