Scholarship Program

We have established a scholarship program to help new families or existing families in need to be able to afford the monthly fees at Family Tree Karate. Sometimes life is very good to you and sometimes life leads you down a difficult path- it can change in a heartbeat. We are a family here, and as such, we help each other.

If you feel moved to contribute to our scholarship fund on a monthly basis or as a one-time gift, Family Tree Karate will match your gift to the scholarship fund.

Please understand that this is not tax deductible, you are simply doing it because you can and you believe in what we do.

Consider the following and remember that FTK matches your donation.

  • $13.75 per month for a year supports one child for three months of training
  • $27.50 per month for a year supports one child for six months of training
  • $55 per month for a year supports one child for twelve months of training

Another way of giving to the scholarship program is to purchase a leaf for our Family Tree of Life. We will also match your Family Tree of Life contribution.

Each leaf will be engraved with your name or your family’s name. Each leaf will remain on the tree permanently for all to see your support of the “Way of The Family Tree”.

  • Single Leaf – $200
  • Double Leaf – $300
  • Acorn – $500

Businesses can also support our scholarship fund and advertise for one year on the Family Tree of Life by purchasing a foundation stone with the business name engraved on it. The foundation stones will be placed at the base of the Family Tree. Businesses will have the option to renew annually.

  • Foundation Stones – $1,000

Ask for an order form at the office or print out and complete this Order Form

Shihan, Sensei and all the Sempi

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