Special Needs

Family Tree Karate is experienced and encourages the integration of special needs students in our school. We work with parents to provide a meaningful and fun learning experience for each and every student. Our experience includes children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Down syndrome, depression, and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder.

We will ask your child to participate and you to attend the initial three trial lessons. We will sit down after those lessons and determine the most suitable training methods.

Some students can be integrated into the main curriculum immediately. Some students will require a mix of core curriculum lessons and private lessons. Others will require solely private lessons during the first few months, until they are ready and able to begin attending the core curriculum.

The goal of the special needs program is to integrate each child into the core curriculum as they become capable of handling the noise and group environment to gain the focus, discipline and respect required to advance.

All students at Family Tree Karate progress forward based on their individual desire and ability. The students are not compared to each other, but compared to their starting point and where they are today.

Please come in and talk to one of our instructors to ask about our approach and teaching methods.

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